Ostriches Zebras Kudus Fly-In Ostrich Eggs Kiebitz hornbill Ground squirrel Red dunes Sunset


Blesbock Eland Hartebees Impala Kudu Oryx Warthog Zebra


Our guests said:
  • “A few words can’t explain the memories I have.” Dennis Bragg, Jacksonville Florida
  • “I cannot express how wonderful my time at Buitepos has been. It has been a beautiful experience.” Josh Amerine, Merkel Texas
  • “Only one word, “Formidable.”” Christian Radoux, France
  • “These days we had a wonderful life experience and we take with us unforgettable memories.” Ghervuse Gabriele, Romania
  • “This part of the world has a very special identity and atmosphere. We will always remember the Kalahari and the generosity and hospitality of our hosts at Buitepos.” Enson & Grace Transfeldt
  • “This was a dream come true and will forever stay in our souls. The Kalahari was the icing on the cake. Your land and animals will always live in our minds.” Megan Dahl
  • “Great hunting, wonderful food, extra special people. Never to be forgotten.” John Weitz, Arizona
  • “We have always wanted to come to Africa and it all seemed like just a dream to us, but now, we will have such rich memories of this beautiful land.” Ken and Jane, Florida
  • “We came here thinking this was a once in a lifetime experience but we are leaving already planning to return. Thank you for many memories that we have once thought only a dream.” Angie & Jim Halley, Texas
  • “An extraordinary week here with family. Wonderful sights and wonderful people here. Gracious hospitality and plentiful game animals. We will miss everything about this special place. Can’t wait until we can return. Who could have imagined that we would come to the other side of the world and feel so at home in such a wonderfully strange environment? Years of seeing Africa on TV and in books never prepared us for the reality of Namibia.” Larry, Lauren and Alex, Anchorage Alaska
  • “This week will go down as one of the best in my life.” Melba Cooke, Anchorage, Alaska
  • “Thank you for exceeding expectations. My experience in Namibia has been outstanding! The hospitality was excellent and I had an experience that can’t be duplicated.” Bill, Maryland USA