Hunters at Buitepos


— A typical hunting day on our 16,000 hectares (40,000 acres) of land will start with an early morning light breakfast after which we depart with fully equipped hunting vehicles to find your trophy. The Kalahari is renowned for its Oryx and Springbuck but we offer a choice of 18 huntable trophy species at Buitepos. For most visitors, driving through Buitepos will seem like driving through your own wildlife documentary. Your ‘game eyes’ will rapidly develop as your guide points out the bounty of animals all around you. Your guides are very knowledgeable about the available species – experienced and familiar on this land – and will assist you in selecting your trophy animal. Walk and stalk or patiently lie in ambush in the hide with rifle or bow – your safari experience will stay with you the rest of your life.

— Around 11:00 we return to the Lodge/Camp for a delicious lunch and discussion of the morning’s adventures. Then, relax around the pool, in the lounge with a book or just stretched out in the comfort of your room for a couple of hours over the warmest part of the day, after which the hunt continues.

— A full day comes to an end relaxing with a sundowner drink on the top of a dune or in a lively discussion reflecting on the day around the camp fire followed by a sumptuous dinner in the presence of the hosts and owners. A hunt in the Kalahari will remain in your bag of memories for time to come, a piece of fire wood you can hide away and burn whenever you wish to reflect on life and warm up the soul in good memory.


Buitepos lounge BUITEPOS ACCOMMODATION consists of two lodges, each with its own unique character and ambience to enhance your tailor-made safari experience.

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